Maxi at 8 months
MePesky Miss Maxine
at 8 months

Sassy the devil dog. Flash-o-Sass v Anlaufstelle (Sassy)
at 10 months

Meet Mick - our newest GSD Rescue
Meet GSD Rescue Mr. Mick
at 8 or 9 months

Lounging around the pool
Lounging around the FL pool (left to right) Delilah, Maxi, Big Mac & Sassy

Delilah at 11 months
Our Princess Dog
Delilah v Almanya

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German Shepherd Resources
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Snow Nose
The latest edition to our resident pack.
GSD Rescue Lil Big Rock
enjoys a rare snow day in Tennessee!
Found dumped along I-40 in Little Rock AR

Big Mac the GSD Rescue
GSD Rescue Big Mac R.I.P

The GSD Standard
GSD Club of America
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