MePesky Miss Maxine earned her CGC @ 10 months.

Dog Titles & Abbreviations

AAC Agility Association of Canada  

Not just a brag, not just a stepping stone to a higher title, not just an adjunct to competitive scores, a title is a tribute to the dog that bears it, a way to honor the dog, an ultimate memorial. It will remain in record and in memory for as long as anything in this world can remain. Few humans will do as well or better in that regard.

And though the dog itself doesn't know or care that its achievements have been noted, a title says many things in the world of humans, where such things count.

A title says your dog was intelligent and adaptable, and good-natured. It says that your dog loved you enough to do the things that please you, however crazy they may have sometimes seemed.

And a title says that you loved your dog, that you loved to spend time with it because it was a good dog, that you believed in it enough to give it yet another chance when it failed, and that, in the end, your faith was justified.

A title proves that your dog inspired you to that special relationship enjoyed by so few; that in a world of disposable creatures, this dog with a title was greatly loved, and loved greatly in return.

And when that dear short life is over, the title remains as a memorial of the finest kind, the best you can give to a deserving friend, volumes of pride in one small set of initials after the name.

A title earned is nothing less than love and respect, given and received, and permanently recorded.

-Sandra Mowery

AKC American Kennel Club  
CKC Canadian Kennel Club
NADAC North American Dog Agility Council  
UKC United Kennel Club (USA)
USDAA US Dog Agility Association  
AOE Award of Excellence  
CGC Canine Good Citizen Certificate  
CG Certificate of Gameness
(American Working Terrier Assn)
CH Champion (prefix)  
HIC Herding Instinct Certified  
ROM Register of Merit  
TD Therapy Dog  
TDI Therapy Dog International  
TT Temperment Tested  
HCH Herding Companion (prefix)  
HI Herding Intermediate  
HS Herding Started  
HT Herding Tested  
HX Herding Excellent  
PT Pre-Trial Tested  
FD Flyball Dog  
FDX Flyball Dog Excellent  
FDCh Flyball Champion    
FDM Flyball Master  

Confused in the Breed Ring?
Conformation explained

We all know that in the breed ring, dogs are supposed to be judged against the STANDARD, rather than against each other. But have you ever tried to figure out all the different classes offered?

Thanks to my friend Randy for helping me get a handle on the various classes in AKC conformation.  He explains, in an AKC event, you will see the following classes:

6-9 month - puppy

9-12 month - puppy

12-18 month - For dogs that are not yet champions

Novice - For dogs six months of age and over, which have NOT YET won 3 first prizes in the Novice Class, a first prize in Bred-by-Exhibitor, American-bred, or Open Classes, nor one or more points toward their championship. 

American-Bred (AmBred) - For dogs born in the United States from a mating which took place in the United States, that are not yet champions.

Bred-by-Exhibitor (BredBy) - For dogs that are exhibited by their owner and breeder, that are not yet champions.

Open (all other adult) dogs. - For any dog at least 6 months of age. 

Specials - Dogs who are already Champions who are just competing for Best of Breed and Group placings. They do not compete against each other. All the Specials go into the ring together.

Veterans - dogs older than 7 years - not always offered at every show

FMX Flyball Master Excellent  
FMch Flyball Master Champion  
ONYX Award based on points
(named after 1st recipient)
FDGCh Flyball Grand Champion  
AX Agility Excellent (AKC)  
MX Master Agility Excellent (AKC)  
NA Novice Agility (AKC)  
OA Open Agility (AKC)  
NAJ Novice Jumper With Weaves (AKC)  
OAJ Open Jumper With Weaves (AKC)  
AXJ Excellent Jumper With Weaves (AKC)  
MXJ Master Jumper With Weaves (AKC)  
U-AGI Agility I (UKC)  
U-AGII Agility II (UKC)  
U-ACH Agility Champion (UKC)  
U-ACHX Agility Champion Excellent (UKC)  
AD Agility Dog (USDAA)  
VAD Veteran Agility Dog (USDAA)    
VAAD Veteran Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)  
VMAD Veteran Master Agility Dog (USDAA)      
VS Veterans Snooker   BC Border Collie
VJ Veterans Jumper   CBR Chesapeake Bay Retriever
VG Veterans Gambler   CCR Curly-coated Retriever
VPD Veteran Performance Dog   FCR Flat-coated Retriever
AAD Advanced Agility Dog (USDAA)   GD Great Dane
MAD Master Agility Dog (USDAA)   GR Golden Retriever
SM Snooker Master (USDAA)   GSD German Shepherd Dog
GM Gambler Master (USDAA)   GSP German Shorthaired Pointer
PM Pairs Master (USDAA)   GWP German Wirehaired Pointer
JM Jumpers Master (USDAA)   LR Labrador Retriever
ADCH Agility Dog Champion (USDAA)   OES Old English Sheepdog
ADC Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)   PBGV Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen
AADC Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)   PWC Pembroke Welsh Corgi
MADC Master Agility Dog of Canada (AAC)      
O-,S- Outstanding, Superior Peformance, prefixed to any NADAC title
NAC,NAC-V, NAC-JH Novice Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
OAC, OAC-V, OAC-JH Open Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
EAC, EAC=V, EAC-JH Elite Standard, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
NGC, NGC-V, NGC-JH Novice Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
OGC, OGC-V, OGC-JH Open Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
EGC, EGC-V, EGG-JH Elite Gamblers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
NJC, NJC-V, NJC-JH Novice Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
OJC, OJC-V, OJC-JH Open Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
EJC, EJC-V, EJC-JH Elite Jumpers, Veterans, Junior Handler (NADAC)
NATCh Agility Trial Champion (NADAC)
OBEDIENCE TITLES                 


CD Companion Dog (AKC, CKC)
CDX Companion Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)
CT Champion Tracker (a dog with a TD, TDX and VST) (AKC)
OTCh Obedience Trial Champion (prefix) (AKC, CKC)
TD Tracking Dog (AKC, CKC)
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent (AKC, CKC)
U-CD Companion Dog (prefix) (UKC)
U-CDX Companion Dog Excellent (prefix) (UKC)
U-UD Utility Dog (prefix) (UKC)
UD Utility Dog (AKC, CKC)
UDT Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog title (AKC)
UDTX Utility Dog title with a Tracking Dog Excellent title (AKC)
UDX Utility Dog Excellent (AKC)
UDVST Utility Dog title with a Variable Surface Tracking title (AKC)
VCD1 Versatile Companion Dog (AKC) has completed CD, NA, NAJ, TD or CD, NAP, NJP, TD
VCD2 Versatile Companion Dog (AKC) has completed CDX, OA, OAJ, TD or CDX, OAP, OJP, TD
VCD3 Versatile Companion Dog (AKC) has completed UD, AX, AXJ, TDX or UD, AXP, AJP, TDX
VCD4 Versatile Companion Dog (AKC) has completed UDX, MX, MXJ, VST or UDX, MXP, MJP, VST
VCCH Versatile Companion Champion (AKC prefix) has completed OTCH, MACH and CT
VST Variable Surface Tracking (AKC)
NOTE 1: The AKC OTCh is much different and more difficult to achieve than the Canadian (CKC) OTCh. The CKC OTCh is equivalent to getting a Canadian UD. In other words the CKC UD = CKC OTCh.
NOTE 2: There are no combined titles for dogs with UDX and other tracking titles.
NOTE 3: The Champion Tracker title is not a competitively earned title and does not figure into Dual or Triple Champion titles. (The OTCH can be the third CH in a Triple, though.)
AD 12 1/2 mile endurance run
BH German equiv. of a CD and CGC test in one
The BH Test Explained
SchH I, SchH II, SchH III comprising three phases -tracking,obedience and protection. dog must pass all three phases to earn title
FH advanced tracking title (comparable to TDX)
WH watchdog title
KKL Koer'd means the dog is certified as eligible for breeding under the German breed survey system
WPO International Police Dog trials. A dog with WPO after it's name is a certified police dog who competed at the WPO
HCT Herding Capable Tested
* HTD1 Herding Trial Dog, first level
* HTD2 Herding Trial Dog, second level
* HTD3 Herding Trial Dog, third level
JHD Junior Herd Dog
* The official AHBA HTD title can have up to 4 suffixes: -d for ducks; -s for sheep; -g for goats; or -c for cattle. The title will always have at least one of these suffixes.
* ATD Advanced Trial Dog
* OTD Open Trial Dog
RD Ranch Dog (dog has been evaluated by a judge while doing its routine farm tasks & certified to be a useful working dog)
* STD Started Trial Dog
WTCH Working Trial Champion (prefix)
(dog has earned ATD on all 3 types of stock)
* Always with suffix -s, -d, -c to indicate title earned on sheep, ducks or cattle. Titles earned separately on each type of stock.
AFC Amateur Field Champion, (prefix)
(must be owner handled)
CFC Canadian Field Champion, (prefix)
CAFC Canadian Amateur Field Champion, (prefix)
FC Field champion, (prefix)
(can be professional handler, open class)
FD Field Dog (pointing, CKC)
FDJ Field Dog Junior (pointing, CKC)
FDX Field Dog Excellent (pointing, CKC)
NFC National Field Champion, (prefix)
JE Junior Earthdog (AKC)
ME Master Earthdog (AKC)
SE Senior Earthdog (AKC)
F.Ch. Field Champion
LCM Lure Courser of Merit
LCM2 Lure Courser of Merit 2
(has met the requirements for LCM twice over. LCM3, LCM4, etc. are also available)
JC Junior Courser (suffix)
SC Senior Courser (suffix)
F.Ch. Field Champion (prefix)
CC Coursing Champion
CM Courser of Merit
NACC NACA Coursing Champion
NACM NACA Courser of Merit
GMHR Grand Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)
JH Junior Hunter (AKC)
SH Senior Hunter (AKC)
SR Started Retriever (NAHRA)
MH Master Hunter (AKC)
MHR Master Hunting Retriever (NAHRA)
WR Working Retriever (NAHRA)
WAC Working Aptitude Certificate (Doberman Pincher Club of America)
WC Working Certificate (various breed clubs, differs)
WCI Working Certificate Intermediate (various breed clubs, differs)
WCX Working Certificate Excellent (various breed clubs, differs)
WD Working dog (American Chesapeake Club, ACC)
WDX Working dog excellent (ACC)
WDO working dog qualified (ACC)
WD Water dog (Newfoundland Club of America, NCA)
WRD Water rescue dog (NCA)
DD Draft dog (NCA)
TDD Team draft dog (NCA)
VN Versatile Newfoundland (NCA)
* Used farther back in pedigrees to save room and denotes kkl-l or kkl-II. 
Before a dog's name, indicates dog has been surveyed and approved for breeding.
a "a" stamp indicating the dog's hips have been evaluated and fall within limits 
considered acceptable for breeding 
A Ausreichend
Sufficient show or performance rating 
AD Ausdauerpruefung 
Endurance title (test includes a 12-mile run & simple obedience test) 
Angekoert Recommended for breeding
BH German Companion Dog Must precede SchH I
The BH Test Explained
BlH  Blindenhund Blind guide dog
DH Diensthund 
Service dog 
FH Fahrtenhund 
Most advanced tracking title awarded by the SV 
G Gut 
Good show or performance rating 
GRH  Grenzenhund 
Border patrol dog
HGH  Herdengebrauchshund 
Herding dog
IPO I, II, III International Prufungorden (internaltional working tests)
Sch III according to the international rules 
KKL I  Koerklasse I 
Especially recommended for breeding 
KKL II  Koerklasse II 
Suitable for breeding 
KrH  Kriegshund 
War dog 
Lbz  Lebenszeit 
Breed surveyed for lifetime 
Faulty show or performance rating
PDH  Polizei Dienst Hund 
Working Police dog 
PSP Polizeischutzhundprufung 
Police protection dog 
SchH I, II, III  Schutzhund 
Obedience, tracking, and protection titles 
SG  Sehr Gut 
Very Good show or performance rating; The maximum rating any dog can have without a Schutzhund title;  highest rating obtainable by dogs under 2 years old or at USA SchH shows 
VP A puppy title meaning Very Promising
P A puppy title meaning Promising
LP A puppy title meaning Less Promising
Unsatisfactory show or performance rating 
Excellent show or performance rating - dog must minimally have a SchH 1 title
VA  Vorzuglich-Auslese 
Excellent Select show rating at Sieger show; highest award obtainable by a German show dog;  can only be awarded to an outstanding conformation dog with at least a SchH 2 title; 
typically awarded to 12-15 dogs and bitches each year 
VH  Vorhanden 
Sufficient show or performance rating 
ZB  Zuchtbewertung 
Conformation show rating 
ZH I, II  Zollhund I, II 
Customs dog 
ZPr  Zuchtpruefung 
Passed a breed survey, recommended for breeding 
CACIB  European International Champion 
Bundesieger  Working Dog Champion of the Year (Leistungssieger)
Europameister  World Champion SchH III dog 
Hutesiger  Herding Dog Champion at German herding dog championship 
Leistungssieger  Working Dog Champion of the Year (Bundesieger) 
Preishuten Sieger  Sheepherding Champion of the Year 
Sieger  Grand Victor title at the German Sieger show 
Siegerin  Highest Sieger bitch title 
  Dogs are also rated and must achieve an G (good), SG (very good), V (excellent), or VA (excellent select) rating to be breed, as well as hip certification and a working degree.
ACVO American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists
BJ Broad Jump or Bar Jump (context)
CERF Canine Eye Registry Foundation
DJ Directed Jumping
DOR Drop on Recall
F8 Figure Eight
HD Hip Displasia (sometimes CHD)
ILP AKC Indefinite Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds
LP UKC's Listing Privilege for unpapered purebreds/mixed breeds
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
ROF Retrieve on the Flat
ROH Retrieve over the High Jump

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